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Updated COVID-19 - Visit Policies and Procedures

It has been a difficult and uncertain time these past few weeks.  We at Anchor have been working hard to care for our patients as best we can during the COVID-19 outbreak.  We are writing today to update you on our work and to ask your help on a few points.

First, as you may already know, we are doing as much as we can over the phone and internet.  These are called telehealth visits.  We schedule these visits just as we would a normal appointment.  A provider sends you a link to join a video visit or calls you as close to your appointment time as possible.  Please know that our calls to you may appear to be a blocked number or “No caller id.”  Please answer these calls! 

Second, if your care requires an in-person visit to the office, please know that we have separated ‘sick’ and ‘well’ areas in our offices, with separate entrances. You may be directed to a different location than your usual primary care provider’s office for a sick visit.  We have separate ‘sick’ and ‘well’ provider teams for each session.  We have done this to protect you and our staff as much as possible from COVID-19 exposure. 

Third, if you have symptoms that suggest COVID-19, please call us first.  We may offer you a telehealth visit, care at one of our respiratory care centers, referral for testing, or advice to go to the emergency room.  We continue to communicate about non-urgent issues over the patient portal as well.  To do this, click the “patient portal LOGIN” button at the top of our web page

Fourth, confirming your routine appointment is very important at this time.  We need to ask you questions about any sick symptoms, fever, or exposures to COVID-19 so that we can plan for your visit.  If you do not return our confirmation call, we may cancel or delay your visit

Fifth, we ask that adult patients come alone if possible.  If someone has driven you to your appointment, we ask that he/she stay in the car, unless you require their assistance.  In pediatrics, we ask that just one caregiver and no other family members come to the visit if possible. 

Finally, if you are older than 2 years old, we request that you wear a mask to our offices, whether you are a patient or someone coming with a patient.

We look forward to continuing our care for you and your family.  Please call our office if you have any concerns or questions.

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